About us

This is Europa was created in 2012 as a Facebook page with the purpose of spreading a positive outlook on our identity as Europeans, using beautiful and inspirational photos and non-hateful content. We wanted to set an example and show that you can cherish your own heritage without having a negative view of others.

We gradually started focusing also on the political climate, discussing topics such as why there is so much hostility towards indigenous Europeans wanting to preserve their ethnocultural identity, and exploring good ways to respond. In the politically correct worldview, you are either a good multiculturalist or an evil racist. We want to show that this is a false dichotomy, that you can care about your own people while also caring about others.

We have tried to be a source of inspiration for people who see that our societies are moving in the wrong direction, but struggle with a way to articulate it because no such way is offered within the politically correct mindset. The only role you are given in the politically correct narrative if you oppose the current immigration policies, is that of the nasty chauvinist. Our mission is to show that other options exist.

The Challenge

The great demographic changes that have taken place in Europe and most Western countries over the last decade, and the population replacement which will be the result if the trend continues, has led to a lot of negativity among those who see what is going on. Those who criticize the current policy are often accused of hate, racist attitudes, etc.

We have had and observed many discussions about this with and among politically correct people, and our experience is that a desire for ethnic and cultural continuity for indigenous Europeans is associated with racism no matter how it is articulated. Also if it is expressed in a positive way, without any shred of anger or hatred towards other ethnic groups. We have also paid attention to many organizations, political parties and individuals who fight for continuity for Europeans and seen that none have been accepted, regardless of how they present their message. The politically correct always find a way to discredit.

As of today, no one can speak about the ethnic interests of Europeans without being disliked by the politically correct, in spite of the fact that they support other ethnic groups who fight for their interests. This has made us question whether it really is about the way the right previously has communicated their wish for a continuity of Europeans, or if the politically correct are against the idea in itself. If it is only a matter of miscommunication, then how are we supposed to express our wish for a continuity of Europeans in their view? Is it even possible, or are they simply anti-European and do not care how it is communicated?

Our personal belief is that the vast majority of the politically correct know deep inside that they belong to a people worth preserving, and that it is not in their interest to become a minority in their own country. They just have a negative association towards those with an anti-immigration narrative and therefore feel a moral obligation to oppose. Our challenge is to find out if that belief is correct, by exploring and analyzing political correctness, and by engaging in dialogue with politically correct people in order to find ways to change the association and essentially their way of thinking.

The Mission

We are working for the ethnocultural continuity of Europeans while emphasizing respect for other cultures and peoples. Our aim is to contribute to a change of attitude in Western societies, by showing that we can further our ethnic interests in a way that is not detrimental but even possibly beneficial to other groups. Only when we can see a change in attitude can we begin to see a change in current politics, you cannot have one without the other.

Current Situation

Today, profound demographic changes are taking place in the West as a consequence of practically non-stop Third World immigration. As a result, indigenous Europeans risk becoming a minority domestically if present trends continue.

Our Standpoint

We at This is Europa are of the opinion that current politics and demographic development, intentional or not, is morally wrong. Like any other people, Europeans have the right to have a ethnocultural continuity and it is our long term goal to alter the dogma known as political correctness in order to contribute to a change of attitude in Western societies, by showing that we can further our ethnic interests in a way that is not detrimental but even possibly beneficial to other groups.

Reach Out To Us

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We’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have.