This is Europa cards with the message “Are you becoming a minority?” with a link to our site where they can learn more. For distribution/activism purposes.

Handout to people or be creative and leave them in various places for people to find – either way, it is an easy and effective way to help spread the message!

Business cards are a great alternative to stickers. For example, it is really easy to carry some with you at all times in your wallet, and there are more ways to be creative with it as you are not limited to a flat surface outdoors (which makes them more attention-grabbing). They are even reusable if you place one, take a picture and post it online (thus exposing it to even more people), and then take the card with you afterwards.

65 cards are included in each order. Secure payment via direct bank transfer. We can no longer receive payment via PayPal.

Feel free to send in pictures if you want us to share your activism!